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10kV class S11 series oil immersed power transformer

S(B)H□-M type amorphous alloy coil core power transformer

35kV class S11, S13-□~□ series oil-immersed power transformer

product description Models and features Technical Parameters Dimensions
product description

The three-phase oil-immersed distributing transformer applies new type insulating structure and makes short-circuit resistance strong. The iron core is made of high-quality coldrolled silicon-steel plate. High-voltage winding group is made up of high-quality oxygen-free copper lines and it adopts multilayered drum type structure. All fasteners have been processed with special treatment to prevent them from loosening.

As high tech product that promoted by the country, the product has many advantages such as high efficiency, low loss. Its social remarkable that it will save much of electricity consumption and operating cost.

Models and features

Types of meaning

Normal use condition
The altitude does not exceed 1000m;
Ambient temperature: maximum temperature +40 ° C;
The highest daily average temperature +30 ° C;
The highest annual average temperature is +20 °C;
The outdoor minimum temperature is -25 °C.

Transformer product standard

GB 1094.1-2013
GB 1094.2-2013
GB 1094.3-2017
GB 1094.5-2008
GB/T 6451-2015
IEC 60076

Performance technical indicators

Product standard : GB 1094.1-5 GB/T 6451-2015
Rated high voltage: 11, 10.5, 10, 6.3, 6kV
Rated low voltage: 0.4kV
Connection group: Dyn11 or Yyn0
High voltage tapping range: ±5% or ±2x2.5%
Insulation level : LI75AC35/LI0AC5
Frequency: 50Hz

Reliable structure

Our company has made many improvements based on traditional structure and mature technology, such as:
Spiral coil with longitudinal oil passage for better internal heat dissipation;
The effective support of the coil end face is improved, and the short circuit current resistance is stronger;
The new hoisting structure and body positioning structure are adopted to ensure more reliable long-distance transportation and operation;
We have many unique and reliable structures to serve you;
The use of higher performance levels of transformers will have a higher level of technical content.

High quality materials

The oxygen-free copper wire with lower resistivity is selected, and after a series of additional surface treatments, it is smoother and has no burr sharp corners, which makes the transformer have lower load loss and more reliable electrical performance.
The use of high-quality silicon steel sheet, with the improvement of performance level, the use of silicon steel sheet with lower unit loss, so that the transformer no-load loss is lower.
The high-quality laminated wood insulation is used, and it will never crack. Even under the short-circuit current, the wire will not move.
Transformer oil with deep filtration is selected, with lower water content, gas content and impurity level, and the transformer works more reliably.
Use high-quality rubber sealing material to prevent aging and prevent leakage.
All raw materials passed the quality inspection, all raw material manufacturers have undergone strict examination according to the national standard IS09000.

Good technical and economic performance

The S10 series reduces the no-load loss, load loss, and no-load current by 10%, 24%, and 46%, respectively, compared with the S7 series. This reduces operating costs by 19%.
On the basis of the S10 series, the S11 series products have an average no-load loss of 20%; the no-load current is 70-85% lower than the S10; the average temperature is reduced by 10K, and the service life of the product is more than doubled, even at 20% overload. The condition can still be operated for a long time, and the noise of the product operation is reduced by 2-4 decibels.

Roll core (R)

The R in S11(M)R- indicates that the iron core adopts the coiled iron core, and the high-quality low-unit loss cold-rolled silicon steel sheet is used, which does not need punching and punching, and eliminates the horizontal and vertical joints of the conventional iron core.
This results in a lower no-load current and a lower level of reactive power loss in the transformer. This results in lower noise levels and makes the transformer more environmentally friendly.
The integral core, the clamp is mainly the clamping coil, which further strengthens the coils resistance to short-circuit current.

Fully sealed (M)

The M in S11(M)R indicates that the fuel tank adopts a fully sealed structure. Compared with the common oil-immersed transformer, the fully sealed distribution transformer cancels the oil storage cabinet. The wave fin of the fuel tank replaces the oil pipe as a cooling heat dissipating component, and the corrugated fuel tank Made of high-quality cold-rolled sheet on a special production line, the wave fins can be expanded and contracted with the increase and decrease of the volume of the transformer, so that the transformer is isolated from the atmosphere, preventing and mitigating oil deterioration and insulation moisture, enhancing operational reliability, and maintenance-free maintenance.
The surface of the corrugated oil tank is treated with three anti-wear (rain, moisture, salt spray) paint after degreasing, derusting and phosphating, and is suitable for use in metallurgy, petrochemical, mining and other environments.

Technical Parameters

额定容量 (KVA)
Rated capacity
Voltage combination
联结方式 Conn- ecting
空载 电流 (%)
阻抗 电压 (%)
Impedance voltage
外形尺寸(mm) LXBxH Outline dimension 轨距 纵向/横向
transverse direction
负载 (75°C)
器身重 Equipment body weight 油重 Oil Weight 总重 Gross Weight
30 11
0.4 Yyn0 或 Dyn11 0.10 0.60 2.1 4 135 60 240 715x510x890 400/400
50 0.13 0.87 2.0 180 75 315 775x535x925 400/450
63 0.15 1.04 1.9 210 85 360 800x550x940 400/450
80 0.18 1.25 1.8 240 90 410 820x550x1000 400/450
100 0.20 1.50 1.6 275 100 465 835x555x1020 400/450
125 0.24 1.80 1.5 310 115 520 865x620x1050 400/550
160 0.28 2.20 1.4 360 125 610 880x720x1100 550/550
200 0.34 2.60 1.3 415 140 670 930x730x1140 550/550
250 0.40 3.05 1.2 490 165 810 1140x680x1235 550/650
315 0.48 3.65 1.1 560 190 935 1240x780x1235 550/650
400 0.57 4.30 1.0 705 215 1115 1320x850x1240 550/750
500 0.68 5.15 1.0 850 260 1360 1440x910x1240 660/750
630 0.81 6.20 0.9 4.5 1005 295 1585 1510x940x1280 660/750
800 0.98 7.50 0.8 1160 335 1855 1560x970x1385 660/850
1000 1.15 10.30 0.7 1145 445 2040 1740x1140x1450 660/850
1250 1.36 12.80 0.6 1365 575 2410 1770x1170x1430 820/850
1600 1.64 14.50 0.6 1625 575 2740 1830x1200x1580 820/900
2000 1.96 19.80 0.6 2010 720 3635 1880x1220x1730 820/900
2500 2.10 23.00 2375 850 4315 1970x1280x1850 820/900


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