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Company Overview

Zhongyu Transformer (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, scientific research and development, and product sales of power transformers and supporting products. The company is located in the electrical capital of China-Yueqing Economic Development Zone. Over the years, the company has formed a complete business model integrating R&D, production and sales, and service. It is a key enterprise in the domestic transformer industry.

Relying on domestic advanced technology, production and testing equipment, in accordance with the operating standards of the ISO9000 quality certification system, the company adopts computer-aided design to provide customers with environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and low-carbon high-quality products that meet the characteristics of each region to meet the market and different customers. The fundamental requirement. The products have reached IEC and national standards, and all products are underwritten by the People’s Insurance Company of China. S11, S13 series 10kV, 20kV, 35kV oil-immersed transformers currently produced by the company; SCB10, SCB13 series 10kV, 20kV and 35kV epoxy cast dry power transformers; SH15, SCBH15 amorphous alloy power transformers Transformer; YB prefabricated substation; ZGS type combined substation; photovoltaic power generation step-up transformer, high-overload transformer, on-load voltage-regulating transformer. The products have passed the National Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and obtained the registration type registration certificate.

The company’s marketing network and service network have been improved, and will further expand to domestic and foreign markets. The company implements the “7*24 service mechanism”. The company’s products implement a one-year free replacement, three-year warranty, and a lifetime warranty after-sales service policy. Customers provide timely, warm and thoughtful service.

Zhongyu people adhere to the goal of sustainable development and mutual benefit, and sincerely look forward to sincere cooperation with people from all walks of life at home and abroad to build a domestic and international first-class R&D and manufacturing base for power transmission and transformation equipment, and create the grandeur of the electrical industry in the new century. blueprint.

company culture
Professional manufacturing and dedicated service

Corporate mission: Serve customers and a better life
Corporate Vision: To build a world-class enterprise in energy-saving and environmentally friendly power equipment manufacturing
Core values: People-oriented, honesty, innovation and development
Enterprise market view: Provide customers with more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and safer electricity services
Enterprise development goal: to provide safe, efficient and green energy for mankind

Our Mission

Zhongyu takes "serving customers for a better life" as its corporate mission. Adhere to the human yearning for a better life as the direction of enterprise development, and is committed to providing more advanced technology, better products and more thoughtful services, and providing customers with more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and safer electricity services;

corporate vision

Zhongyu Transformer takes "Building a world-class enterprise in energy-saving and environmental protection power equipment manufacturing" as its corporate vision.
Zhongyu Transformer must focus more on development quality and economic benefits, more on technological progress, more on green and low-carbon, more on people-oriented, and strive to provide first-class energy storage products, technologies and services, show a first-class image of social responsibility, and let employees and customers , Shareholders, the public and the people in the areas where the business is located are satisfied, and strive to become a responsible and respected first-class enterprise.

Core Values

Zhongyu Transformer takes "people-oriented, upright, solid, innovative and development" as its core value.
People-oriented-people-oriented, that is, based on customer interests and customer needs, starting from the needs of customers and the public, determine the development direction of the enterprise, develop first-class products, and provide first-class services. People-oriented is to regard employees as the main force of enterprise development, to create conditions for the comprehensive development of employees, and to make the lives of customers and employees happier.

SCB12-200010 SCB12-500-10 SCB11-200010 SCB11-500-10 S13-M-2000-10 S13-M-400-10 S11-M-200010 S11-M-400/10
Factory scene
Factory scene


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