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Release time: 2021-04-22

Safety and reliability of transformer operation

Transformer loss is an important concept in the field of contemporary physical science. Transformer is not only an important equipment in Chinas current power supply system, but also a frequent failure equipment in the power supply system. In this paper, we focus on some of the important literatures for the no-load loss and load loss of the transformer.
A reasonable measurement method for the no-load loss and load loss of the transformer is deduced. The power transformer is also an important component of the switching power supply on the electronic equipment. The optimized design of the transformer is the key to improving the power of the switching power supply. This paper optimizes the design from the perspective of reducing the size of the transformer itself. The transformer is currently the main power facility in Chinas national power grid, and is mainly used to transform modern electrical equipment with AC voltage. The whole process of power transmission from power generation, power transmission, and distribution of electricity must be completed through the main equipment of transformers. The widespread use of electricity in human life makes transformers occupy a dominant position in the power system and also helps transformers. The rapid development of this industry.
The transformer design principle is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction for transformer design and manufacture. The working principle is to convert a certain level of AC voltage into another level of AC voltage to meet the needs of different power loads. With the depletion of natural resources in China, reducing transformer losses, improving the operational safety and reliability of the transformer itself, and realizing the efficiency of the transformer and optimizing the transformer design have become a hot issue.


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