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Release time: 2021-04-22

The most important thing in the development of Chinas transformers is the lack of innovation.

Although the development of Chinas transformers is relatively fast, the number of manufacturers is constantly improving within a short period of time, and behind the rapidly rising transformer manufacturers, the interests of transformers are constantly appearing. However, transformers also have some important problems in the development of the problem. The most typical is the lack of innovation ability and technical insufficiency. It is the main performance characteristic. In the future, manufacturers should understand the relationship between various parts when developing. Strengthen the development and reform of innovation!

In China, energy-saving transformers face many difficulties in China. The main performance is on the one hand, driven by the strong market demand for energy-saving transformers, and on the other hand, the current situation of scattered energy-saving distribution transformer market, coupled with low entry barriers, uneven enterprises, lack of definition and standards, technical bottlenecks, high prices, and subsidies. The constraints of factors such as not enough have led to the slow promotion of energy-saving transformers in China.

At present, China is relatively short of skill. There are some shortcomings in the skill level. The energy-saving transformer needs to add cost. For users, the price is relatively expensive. As far as the transformer company is concerned, energy-saving transformers are currently lacking in a common definition and defining labels to further improve the national standards for energy-saving transformers. Some energy-saving transformer manufacturers also pointed out that the application time of energy-saving distribution transformers is short, and there are some doubts that the users can not fully withstand. For example, the amorphous alloy distribution transformers have poor functional stability after operation, poor short-circuit resistance, and noise. Increased loss, etc. The testing standards and testing skills lag behind the product development, lacking the product function evaluation, rating system and technique that can describe the horizontal slow-production process.

The development of transformer technology is step by step. In particular, the level of intelligence and various informationizations that are being upgraded are constantly being enhanced. It is expected that manufacturers will continue to carry out reforms and developments, so transformers have also emerged. More dynamic, this time manufacturers should pay attention to development!


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